My 1st Floral Milk Bath


I have truly been missing out on the milk bath trend. These little sessions are so fun and relaxing. You literally sit in a tub filled with warm milky water and, well…relax. who wouldn’t like a moment to simply relax? There are so many variations to these sessions: adding flowers, essential oils, gold leaf, glitter, fruit loops etc…whatever you can think of, you can pretty much  use (within reason).

I had the pleasure of shooting Miss K for a maternity Milk Bath session and I fell in love with the images instantly. She was super relaxed in the tub as I shot, and she enjoyed the simple scents of the flowers I chose. When she got out her skin was so silky smooth. It doesn’t get any better than that!

Check out my images below and feel free to drop a line and let me know how you enjoyed your milk bath session or any do’s and don’t’s you’d like to share.

Milk Bath -15Milk Bath -6Milk Bath -7Milk Bath -8Milk Bath -13Milk Bath -14Milk Bath -17

*All images taken by 21 Moments Photography.

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