Bride’s Wedding Reception Secret

Gender reveal at a wedding!? Who does that?…

Someone who is strong, confident, creative, thoughtful and unique that’s who! And also happens to be my recent bridal client. She is a great representation of the new direction 21 Moments Photography is headed in. From marriage to motherhood, we aim to capture the essence of a bride or mom-to-be during the many stages of life.

This beautiful bride made her wedding very personal by creatively switching up the traditional wedding flow. She chose to have a gender reveal at her wedding reception. Now, finding out the gender of your baby is such an intimate experience and its usually just the parents and ultrasound tech, in a dark room, during a routine dr. appointment. But, my bride took things to a whole new level by gifting her (and her groom’s) entire family, as well as friends, that sweet serene moment; one they will never forget. That’s what we live for and that’s what we capture. Those creative, intimate, and serene pockets of your everyday kind of love. Our pictures allow you to relive your story over and over, year after year.

So cheers to 2018 and the wonderful memories I will be so honored to capture and all the clients I will share my smile with.


Oh and by the way…it’s a GIRL!




Oliver -1Oliver -2Oliver -3Oliver -4Oliver -5Oliver -6Oliver -7

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