No Name Baby

Naming your baby is only like THEE most important job in the world. And sometimes it seems to be the most difficult. You can pretty much search the internet for hours looking for something that jumps out at you and still have absolutely no luck. But, then there are people who have had baby names picked out since they were babies themselves. Ha!

This little fella went without a name for a good 12 hours after he was born. You see, his sweet mama already had 2 boys and coming up with a third boy name seemed impossible. She liked some, hated others, but, nothing seemed to be “the one.”

The days leading up to his birth date (mom was induced), mom still had no clue as to what the little guy’s name would be. Everyone kept asking did she decide on a name yet. And eventually, she settled on Nixon (Nico in greek since he is half greek). Little Nixon FINALLY had a name. Nixon is an English name and besides being the name of a former president, it means one who has a deep desire for stable, loving family. And he truly couldn’t have been born into a more loving family.

Welcome to the world little Nixon!Nix-1Nix-2Nix-3Nix-4Nix-5

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