First Look: Fresh 48 Session

There is nothing quite like birthing your baby and bringing him/her earthside after 9+ long months. A tiny human-being, fully equipped with all it needs to function, yet is totally dependent on you. Think about it, the mere sound of your beating heart is just as much comfort to your little one, as your skin-to-skin touch. And this is why you need a Fresh 48 Session.

A Fresh 48 session is simply capturing the sweet connection between the new person you’ve become (mother) and the new little one (baby) you’ve just laid eyes on. Oh how beautiful and priceless is that moment! This type of session captures first yawns, first gazes, first cries, first snuggles, first family interactions etc. It’s all about your first few hours with baby.

Nothing is posed. It’s all about pausing to be fully present in the moment. Capturing raw EMOTION. These are images you’ll be proud to share with friends and family. You’ll be even more proud, and probably super teary-eyed, looking at them as your baby grows up and is not so little anymore. It’s important because it’s one of the most memorable moments of your life and it should documented beautifully, for your family to treasure.

To book a Fresh 48 session email or call me to get put on my calendar. You will be so glad you chose to do this.

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