The Biggest Maternity Photography Obstacle

Maternity portraits are the most creative, beautiful images ever seen. The “glow” that pregnant women exude is dreamy and ethereal. But women still shy away from getting their portrait taken for 1 main reason.

Maternity portraits are typically taken between 7-8 months. Since it takes a long, nine, full months to cook up the baby or babies, the 7 month mark means a woman is living in a very different body than she is used to. That’s the biggest reason why women don’t get portraits taken.

That’s such a shame! One of the most amazing things to ever happen in your life, getting pregnant, should be documented in the most special way. Women come in all shapes and sizes and our miraculous bodies deserve to be celebrated. Now before you go all, “Girl you know I look like this or that, and my this, and my that;” hear me out. I have your answer.

Dresses and angles honey! There are so many dresses and gowns that flatter any body type. From lace, to tulle, to stretchy materials, these days, it’s quite easy to find something that works. And as a photographer, I make sure I photograph you in the most gorgeous angles. And when you put those 2 things together…poof, magic is created.

While you are critiquing your body and wanting to shy away from your glow, keep in mind that there are still women out there struggling to get pregnant. So honor your new self. Marvel in the strength of your body and show off the blessing you have been given. You are worthy of all things good, including ALL the compliments you’ll get after you post your maternity portraits. (you are smiling because you know I’m right)

If you are interested in booking a maternity session, head on over to my website at for portfolio galleries and more information.

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