Sweet Dreams Little Fella

Cuddles are the number 1 reason I love my job as a newborn photographer. I mean, if new babies snuggles don’t turn your heart into mush then you are not truly living. Ha!

I had the privilege of shooting Baby J when he was 16 days old. And he was nothing short of a dream. As I swaddled him in a few different wraps, he would just stretch or grunt a little here and there. But he stayed asleep for the entire session. That had me a bit in shock because most babies over 10 days are more awake and alert. Well, not this handsome fella. He stayed in a good, deep, sleep. Mom wanted some open eye shots, but he wasn’t having it. I guess he was too comfortable, just dreaming away.

At the very end of the session mom changed his diaper and he woke up. We were happy, because that meant I could finally get some wide awake images. Well, as soon as I got him in position for a new setup, he fell back asleep. Or so we suspect. Mom was calling his name, and he would smile or smirk, open one eye, and the smile again. He may have fooled us this time, but hey that’s ok. I’m just here for the cuddles. Check out some images from his session:

I had such a lovely time during this session and it was a great way to kick off the month of February. To book a session with me head on over to my website and fill out the Contact Me form.

XO, Lulu

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