The #1 Thing I Learned Turning 34

Happy Birthday to meee! 9W9A8695-Edit


Most of the time I’m super extra when it comes to my birthday or my family’s birthdays. Because, well, what other holiday is all yours?! I love going all out with balloons, decorations, cake, cards, and of course pictures. This is in addition to a party too ( sorry, not sorry). Seriously though, a birthday is a significant reminder than God has allowed you to live an entire 365 (366 if it’s leap year) days and that’s pretty incredible.

This year, though, I felt blah. Days leading up up my birthday, I had no excitement building. I didn’t want to do anything for my big day or even have cake. When you have to littles under 7 and you say you don’t want cake for your birthday, it doesn’t go so well. Lol. But, I began to evaluate everything that has been going on lately and came to the conclusion that I haven’t been taking care of myself.

Now, before you get all stern with me, let me explain. I don’t mean not taking care of myself like, not eating or sleeping or not seeing my doctor regularly. I mean, I’ve been on “wife and mommy” overload. I think I got so consumed as most mothers’ do, with making sure everyone else was well taken care of on all levels, that I began to slack off on my own needs. As a mother, I pride myself on making sure things are in order, everyone is happy and healthy. But I forgot that, that starts with ME!

I took notice of my funk, sad, unmotivated demeanor and knew something was up. I quickly unplugged (no social media, tv, radio, internet, and limited phone use). I spent more time outside or in my room with my window open. I lit candles, listened to worship music, read inspirational books, took baths, had a glass or 2…or 3 of wine. Don’t give me the side eye. ha! But in doing just those little things, I began to release a lot of heaviness and recenter myself.

At 34, I plan on taking time this year to continue unplugging, and simply relaxing in the nothingness of life. I want to rest and actually feel refreshed. I will go for long walks, stop and feel the wind blow, watch sunrises and sunsets. I plan on getting mani-pedis, cranial massages, diffusing my essential oils, going on spontaneous dates with my husband, laughing with my homegirls, maybe I will paint or run a marathon (ok probably won’t run a marathon but hey you never know). I will make time for me to do whatever I need to do to stay full. Because…you can’t pour from an empty cup.  So cheers to honing in on self care and all that 34 has in store.


Gold pleated skirt: Target
Black velvet lace bodysuit, earrings, choker: Forever 21
Black and gold booties: Shoe Carnival

*All images courtesy of 21 Moments Photography

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