Sweet Dreams Little Fella

Cuddles are the number 1 reason I love my job as a newborn photographer. I mean, if new babies snuggles don’t turn your heart into mush then you are not truly living. Ha!

I had the privilege of shooting Baby J when he was 16 days old. And he was nothing short of a dream. As I swaddled him in a few different wraps, he would just stretch or grunt a little here and there. But he stayed asleep for the entire session. That had me a bit in shock because most babies over 10 days are more awake and alert. Well, not this handsome fella. He stayed in a good, deep, sleep. Mom wanted some open eye shots, but he wasn’t having it. I guess he was too comfortable, just dreaming away.

At the very end of the session mom changed his diaper and he woke up. We were happy, because that meant I could finally get some wide awake images. Well, as soon as I got him in position for a new setup, he fell back asleep. Or so we suspect. Mom was calling his name, and he would smile or smirk, open one eye, and the smile again. He may have fooled us this time, but hey that’s ok. I’m just here for the cuddles. Check out some images from his session:

I had such a lovely time during this session and it was a great way to kick off the month of February. To book a session with me head on over to my website and fill out the Contact Me form.

XO, Lulu

The Biggest Maternity Photography Obstacle

Maternity portraits are the most creative, beautiful images ever seen. The “glow” that pregnant women exude is dreamy and ethereal. But women still shy away from getting their portrait taken for 1 main reason.

Maternity portraits are typically taken between 7-8 months. Since it takes a long, nine, full months to cook up the baby or babies, the 7 month mark means a woman is living in a very different body than she is used to. That’s the biggest reason why women don’t get portraits taken.

That’s such a shame! One of the most amazing things to ever happen in your life, getting pregnant, should be documented in the most special way. Women come in all shapes and sizes and our miraculous bodies deserve to be celebrated. Now before you go all, “Girl you know I look like this or that, and my this, and my that;” hear me out. I have your answer.

Dresses and angles honey! There are so many dresses and gowns that flatter any body type. From lace, to tulle, to stretchy materials, these days, it’s quite easy to find something that works. And as a photographer, I make sure I photograph you in the most gorgeous angles. And when you put those 2 things together…poof, magic is created.

While you are critiquing your body and wanting to shy away from your glow, keep in mind that there are still women out there struggling to get pregnant. So honor your new self. Marvel in the strength of your body and show off the blessing you have been given. You are worthy of all things good, including ALL the compliments you’ll get after you post your maternity portraits. (you are smiling because you know I’m right)

If you are interested in booking a maternity session, head on over to my website at http://www.21momentsphotography.com for portfolio galleries and more information.

First Look: Fresh 48 Session

There is nothing quite like birthing your baby and bringing him/her earthside after 9+ long months. A tiny human-being, fully equipped with all it needs to function, yet is totally dependent on you. Think about it, the mere sound of your beating heart is just as much comfort to your little one, as your skin-to-skin touch. And this is why you need a Fresh 48 Session.

A Fresh 48 session is simply capturing the sweet connection between the new person you’ve become (mother) and the new little one (baby) you’ve just laid eyes on. Oh how beautiful and priceless is that moment! This type of session captures first yawns, first gazes, first cries, first snuggles, first family interactions etc. It’s all about your first few hours with baby.

Nothing is posed. It’s all about pausing to be fully present in the moment. Capturing raw EMOTION. These are images you’ll be proud to share with friends and family. You’ll be even more proud, and probably super teary-eyed, looking at them as your baby grows up and is not so little anymore. It’s important because it’s one of the most memorable moments of your life and it should documented beautifully, for your family to treasure.

To book a Fresh 48 session email or call me to get put on my calendar. You will be so glad you chose to do this.

#1 Tip I learned for Newborn Photography

I finally got to photograph a baby boy! Seems like everyone has been having girls lately, so when Baby Liam’s mom told me she wanted newborn pictures done, I was ecstatic! There is nothing better than snuggling with little babies. And Liam was the best snuggler. He was very calm and slept the entire session until the end. In fact, he was so good that I realized I didn’t even turn on my baby shusher. The number 1 thing I learned is that it is best to feed a newborn right before a session, burp them, change their diaper, and THEN get started. That way, they probably won’t need another diaper change until a little over midway through the session. Here are some sneak peeks from his session. Enjoy!


For more information about booking a newborn session, head on over to www.21momentsphotography.com.

Last Year… New Year… Same Story

Happy New Year! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season. If I could be completely honest, 365 days is a long time to live and do life. There are so many ups and downs that we go through. At times life can seem unbearable, but then it can change in an instant and our dreams can be made reality. All in all, it’s truly a lovey adventure to make our own.

And with that being said, I started my new year the same way I ended last year…capturing weddings. Both of my brides were all about making their wedding day their own. They were actually both very crafty and hands on with decorations, invitations, programs, and one bride even made her own bouquet. I love to see how creative people, especially brides or mothers, can be. The best thing about both weddings were that the guests were only close friends and family. That made for such festive, loving, and dreamy events. I can truly say, MY brides are the absolute best.

From The Ballroom in Downtown Orlando…

To the Grande Plaza Beach Resort in St. Pete.


Cheers to 2019 and all the love I will get to witness and capture this year!

The #1 Thing I Learned Turning 34

Happy Birthday to meee! 9W9A8695-Edit


Most of the time I’m super extra when it comes to my birthday or my family’s birthdays. Because, well, what other holiday is all yours?! I love going all out with balloons, decorations, cake, cards, and of course pictures. This is in addition to a party too ( sorry, not sorry). Seriously though, a birthday is a significant reminder than God has allowed you to live an entire 365 (366 if it’s leap year) days and that’s pretty incredible.

This year, though, I felt blah. Days leading up up my birthday, I had no excitement building. I didn’t want to do anything for my big day or even have cake. When you have to littles under 7 and you say you don’t want cake for your birthday, it doesn’t go so well. Lol. But, I began to evaluate everything that has been going on lately and came to the conclusion that I haven’t been taking care of myself.

Now, before you get all stern with me, let me explain. I don’t mean not taking care of myself like, not eating or sleeping or not seeing my doctor regularly. I mean, I’ve been on “wife and mommy” overload. I think I got so consumed as most mothers’ do, with making sure everyone else was well taken care of on all levels, that I began to slack off on my own needs. As a mother, I pride myself on making sure things are in order, everyone is happy and healthy. But I forgot that, that starts with ME!

I took notice of my funk, sad, unmotivated demeanor and knew something was up. I quickly unplugged (no social media, tv, radio, internet, and limited phone use). I spent more time outside or in my room with my window open. I lit candles, listened to worship music, read inspirational books, took baths, had a glass or 2…or 3 of wine. Don’t give me the side eye. ha! But in doing just those little things, I began to release a lot of heaviness and recenter myself.

At 34, I plan on taking time this year to continue unplugging, and simply relaxing in the nothingness of life. I want to rest and actually feel refreshed. I will go for long walks, stop and feel the wind blow, watch sunrises and sunsets. I plan on getting mani-pedis, cranial massages, diffusing my essential oils, going on spontaneous dates with my husband, laughing with my homegirls, maybe I will paint or run a marathon (ok probably won’t run a marathon but hey you never know). I will make time for me to do whatever I need to do to stay full. Because…you can’t pour from an empty cup.  So cheers to honing in on self care and all that 34 has in store.


Gold pleated skirt: Target
Black velvet lace bodysuit, earrings, choker: Forever 21
Black and gold booties: Shoe Carnival

*All images courtesy of 21 Moments Photography

No Name Baby

Naming your baby is only like THEE most important job in the world. And sometimes it seems to be the most difficult. You can pretty much search the internet for hours looking for something that jumps out at you and still have absolutely no luck. But, then there are people who have had baby names picked out since they were babies themselves. Ha!

This little fella went without a name for a good 12 hours after he was born. You see, his sweet mama already had 2 boys and coming up with a third boy name seemed impossible. She liked some, hated others, but, nothing seemed to be “the one.”

The days leading up to his birth date (mom was induced), mom still had no clue as to what the little guy’s name would be. Everyone kept asking did she decide on a name yet. And eventually, she settled on Nixon (Nico in greek since he is half greek). Little Nixon FINALLY had a name. Nixon is an English name and besides being the name of a former president, it means one who has a deep desire for stable, loving family. And he truly couldn’t have been born into a more loving family.

Welcome to the world little Nixon!Nix-1Nix-2Nix-3Nix-4Nix-5

Bride’s Wedding Reception Secret

Gender reveal at a wedding!? Who does that?…

Someone who is strong, confident, creative, thoughtful and unique that’s who! And also happens to be my recent bridal client. She is a great representation of the new direction 21 Moments Photography is headed in. From marriage to motherhood, we aim to capture the essence of a bride or mom-to-be during the many stages of life.

This beautiful bride made her wedding very personal by creatively switching up the traditional wedding flow. She chose to have a gender reveal at her wedding reception. Now, finding out the gender of your baby is such an intimate experience and its usually just the parents and ultrasound tech, in a dark room, during a routine dr. appointment. But, my bride took things to a whole new level by gifting her (and her groom’s) entire family, as well as friends, that sweet serene moment; one they will never forget. That’s what we live for and that’s what we capture. Those creative, intimate, and serene pockets of your everyday kind of love. Our pictures allow you to relive your story over and over, year after year.

So cheers to 2018 and the wonderful memories I will be so honored to capture and all the clients I will share my smile with.


Oh and by the way…it’s a GIRL!





Oliver -1Oliver -2Oliver -3Oliver -4Oliver -5Oliver -6Oliver -7

My 1st Floral Milk Bath


I have truly been missing out on the milk bath trend. These little sessions are so fun and relaxing. You literally sit in a tub filled with warm milky water and, well…relax. who wouldn’t like a moment to simply relax? There are so many variations to these sessions: adding flowers, essential oils, gold leaf, glitter, fruit loops etc…whatever you can think of, you can pretty much  use (within reason).

I had the pleasure of shooting Miss K for a maternity Milk Bath session and I fell in love with the images instantly. She was super relaxed in the tub as I shot, and she enjoyed the simple scents of the flowers I chose. When she got out her skin was so silky smooth. It doesn’t get any better than that!

Check out my images below and feel free to drop a line and let me know how you enjoyed your milk bath session or any do’s and don’t’s you’d like to share.

Milk Bath -15Milk Bath -6Milk Bath -7Milk Bath -8Milk Bath -13Milk Bath -14Milk Bath -17

*All images taken by 21 Moments Photography.

Birthday Bella

Back again with another birthday post! This time without the cake. Bummer. But who needs cake when you have a cutie like Little Miss R! She was ready for her photo session with her flowing dress, balloons, chair, and most importantly her sweet smile. I had such a fun time walking around the park with her, capturing her childlike joy. Oh to be five again…Hope you enjoy!

RE 5th Bday-3RE 5th Bday-4RE 5th Bday-9RE 5th Bday-11RE 5th Bday-14